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Composite Doors - What you need to know.

What are composite doors made of?

Starting with the part everyone sees, the external skin. The skin which covers the door and can be colour coded and is made from a 2mm layer of Glass Reinforced Plastic commonly known as GRP. GRP is tough, weather resistant and can me made in smooth or wood textured finished.

The GRP outer skin is fused to an internal core of uPVC and hardwood. This provides the strength and rigidity which makes composite doors safer and secure. This is also packed with a polyurethane foam to fill any gaps and provide better thermal properties.

The outer frame in which the door is installed into matches the composites door strength and rigidity as it is made of a steel core which is covered in a uPVC trim. The door and frame are extremely durable but also heavy and is recommend not to tackle it yourself.

Why choose a composite door over timber and uPVC?

Long lasting

Composite doors are expensive but for a good reason! Our composite doors come with a 10year guarantee and recommended to last over 20 years! Over 20 years the average price of a composite door will only cost £4 a month!

Fade and warp resistant

Over time, timber doors will need re-painting and uPVC can warp and fade (mainly on red colours). Thanks to their strong core an GRP finish, the colours will never fade and the core will never warp.


The GRP outer skin can withstand a lot of impact and the internal metal core can hold up without warping or giving way. The 5 point lock system provides strong points along the doors length making it hard to get through.

Style and colour

Composite doors can be stylised in many ways. Currently you can choose from over 32 different style in classic, rustic and contemporary finishes. There is over 1600+ colours to choose from to match your own personal style and tastes. You can also customise your glass, locks, letterbox, and door knocker. You could generate a minimum of 52000 styles before you saw the same door again!

How do you maintain a composite door?

Unlike a wood door you won’t need to paint or treat it on a regular basis. The GRP external skin will require no maintenance. Except for the occasional dab of oil and wipe down with a wet cloth, composite doors are maintenance free.

My current door is an odd size

Composite doors are made to your specifications so even if it is an odd size, we can match it! This even includes split style barn doors or accessibility doors for wheelchairs.

Can you provide a quote over the phone?

We can! Simply contact out office and talk to our surveyor or request a call back via email.


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