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Windows Types

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Sash Windows

Sash windows and older style of window now. More commonly seen on period properties. A sash window consist of two windows sitting in parallel with a slight overlap. 


Older versions of this window generally tend to not be double glazed and drop which causes drafts.

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 


Casement Windows

Casement windows are a very common style of window seen on homes across the UK. With these windows you can choose for a wide variety of styles and openings to fit your projects. 

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 

White double glazed UPVC casement window blinds.jpg

Bay Windows

Bay windows use a similar frame to a casement window. By applying a slight angle, they can used to expand the living space. 

If you do not have a bay already, building work will be required.

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 


Tilt and Turn Windows

Looking similar to a casement window, Tilt and Turn windows offer a twin functionality. They can either open wide from left to right or from top and bottom. 

This type of window offers flexible ventilation but can guide water in the room due to its larger opening. 

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 


Roof Windows

There are a wide range of roof lights to choose from including skylights, Roof lanterns and roof window.

Unless your roof contains and opening, building work will be required to fit and install these types of windows. 

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 


Picture Windows

Picture windows are a slim, fixed frame window which does not open. This window provides more visual real-estate but is completely fixed. 

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 


Cottage Windows

Sometimes known as Georgian or Tudor windows, cottage windows have a distinctive look. Featuring much smaller individual windows or a window pane divide by a Georgian bar.

Available in : uPVC and Aluminium 

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