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How To Measure For a New Door

Measure door

At the Windows & Door company we are able to provide a measuring service but we do appreciate it is not always possible for us to visit site or some people prefer to do it themselves. To ensure you get the right measurements here is our guide to measuring up for a new door.

Tools needed:

  • Paper

  • Pen

  • High quality tape measure

Step 1: Measure the door width

Begin by taking three measurements inside the doors frame. At the top, in the middle and on the bottom.

The standard UK widths of doors are: 24 inches/610 mm, 27 inches/686 mm, 30 inches/762 mm, 33 inches/838 mm.

Step 2: Measure the door height

Using your tape measure, draw the measure from the top, inside of the frame all the way to the ground. Do this for both the left and right side. Remember to make allowance for any floor covering.

The standard UK height of doors is most commonly 6’6”/1981mm but some may also be 2040mm.

Step 3: Measure the door thickness

The doors frame will be set to match the thickness of the door. If you are only replacing the door you will need to measure the thickness as well.

Run the tape measure along the edge of the door and record the measurement of the thickness.

You should also measure the rebate in the frame, where the door sits when closed.

The recording of both measurements should be a close match.

The UK standard door thicknesses: 35 mm is the most common, but some doors may also be 40mm. NB.


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