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The Windows and Door Company are a specialist supplier of uPVC doors based in Christchurch, Dorset. We work with some of the best manufacturers to offer the very best quality composite doors for Trade and DIY customers.

Design your own door at our trade counter. Choose your style and colour and apply it to your exact dimensions.  Quick turn around. No account needed.

uPVC Door Supplier

What is uPVC?

More commonly known as uPVC, uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. you may often see it written as uPVC / UPVC / u-PVC / PVC-u but it is all the same. uPVC starts its life off as a plastic power. When your windows or door are ordered the powder is heated until it becomes liquid like and is injected into a frame mould in order to form its shape. Once cooled and set, it is cut into your exact lengths and made into your door or windows.

Choose Your Style

Regency Style Door

Large central glass pane. Generally tall and thin. Smaller panel located at the bottom of the door. 

Windsor Style Door

Two tall thin glass panes separated by a gap. Two smaller panels located at the bottom of the door. 

Victorian Style Door

Similar to a regency style door. Rather than being a complete rectangle, port hole has a arched line on the top. 

Cornwall Style Door

Wood look door featuring a small diamond window at the top.

Georgian Style Door

Features a crescent window at the top of the door with panels across the rest of the door. 

Edwardian Style Door

4 glass panes separated in to 2 small port holes at the top and two mid-sized port holes in the middle. Panel featured at the bottom of the door. 

Regency Door
Regency Style Door
Cornwall Door
Cornwall Style Door
Windsor Door
Windsor Style Door
Georgian Door
Georgian Style Door
Victorian Door
Victorian Style Door
Edwardian Door
Edwardian Style Door

Choose Your Frame

Choose from 5 different frames to fit your job, including the standard door frame and light frames. 

Standard Frame.png
Standard Door Frame
Top Light.png
Top Light Door Frame
Left window.png
Left Light Door Frame
Right Window.png
Right Light Door Frame
All windows.png
Left & Right Light Door Frame
Anthracite Grey
Chartwell Green
Golden Oak

Choose Your Colour

Choose from a range of colours including:

  • White

  • Black

  • Anthracite Grey

  • Chartwell Green

  • Golden Oak

  • Rose Wood

Security & Openings

Our uPVC doors are highly rated and conform to British Standard BS6375 and include a 3 star cylinder locking handle. You can also choose how you would like your door hung and how it opens.


Door Furniture

Design your door your way. Choose door furniture options including: 

  • Glass Style

  • Handles

  • Letterbox

  • Knocker


Come & See Us!

Come in branch and meet The Windows & Door team.

  • Walk-ins welcome

  • Trade & DIY

  • No account required 

  • Expert on hand for advice

  • Credit and Debit taken

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